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Spankings By Mommy Kay~~ Phone Sex at it’s best

November 12th, 2010 | Mommy Punishment, Spanking | 0 Comments

I just had a phone encounter with B, It was incredibly exciting that I could have a phone subbie that would do what I ever I asked of them. Spanking is slave B’s passion so we played out a scenario that he was a very bad boy and I was his Mommy that had to discipline him for not doing his homework, oh and I was dressed in my bra and panties as well as my garter, stockings and 4.5 black pumps. As we played out our scenes slave B would have to spank what ever part of the anatomy that I asked for. So needless to say he was a very sore but happy boy when it was over. If you would like to hear the gory details please feel free to give me a call, or if you have a perverted fetish that you have a burning desire to experience over the phone then give me a call.

Mommy Kay

888-791-1250 ext 1

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