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Amazon e-Gift Cards for Miss Dani

August 18th, 2011 | Hot babysitter phone sex | 0 Comments

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest and best dressed babysitter of them all? Me! Miss Dani. And all of my Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers and Sissy Boys and Sissy Girls have been contributing to my sexy wardrobe. How? By sending Amazon Gift Cards to me so I can shop for cool clothes, ultra high heels and the trendiest purses. If you haven’t been showing your appreciation to your Sweetsitter Miss Dani by sending me Amazon e-Gift Cards, click the Amazon e-Gift Card icon below and buy a Gift Card for me, Miss Dani, right now. You know it will make me so happy to go shopping online, and I’ll tell you all about what I bought in our next age regression hypnosis session, ABDL Babysitter fantasy or Sissy phone sex call.

Have you experienced ABDL hypnosis or age regression yet? It will make you even more of an Adult Baby, Sissy or Diaper Lover and take you deeper than you’ve gone before. I learned hypnosis by taking classes, yes, I invested my time to give all of you a more intense experience when you call me for ABDL, Sissy or Hypnosis phone sex, so you should be showing your appreciation in return by tributing me with Amazon e-Gift Cards. Click my Amazon Gift Card icon below and when Amazon asks for my email address, be sure to send to:

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Miss Dani ABDL Babysitter Phone Sex***888-791-1250 ext 21

April 23rd, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby - Sitting, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Age Regression | 0 Comments

Dani has a new baby to babysit, a total sissy baby named Kenna. She made her adult baby girl sissy shave her head so she would look like a baby, then Dani tells her how to dress head to toesies. So her baby girls puts on a pink lace headband, has lots of little pink girlie dresses to choose from plus pink plastic pants (at night) or pink ruffle butts (for daytime adult baby play) to slide on over her adult diapers. Baby girl is completely hairless and loves using baby lotion to keep her skin baby soft. Dani makes her baby girl put on cute lace top anklets and baby booties to finish her baby outfit. In the winter, she even made baby girl buy a sleep sack, kind of like the Snuggy brand, fuzzy and warm, but in pink. So her adult baby girl had to sleep in her sleep sack, zipped in and helpless, just like a snuggly baby.

Dani reads bedtime stories to her adult baby girl. The stories start very nice and sweet, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but then things get a little sexy and naughty. Like Dani becomes Snow White and turns the Dwarfs into her slaves and makes them do whatever she wants and spanks them if they disobey. Dani isn’t afraid to spank and discipline her adult baby diaper lovers or her sissies. Sometimes her adult baby girl needs to be spanked. Dani doesn’t even care if her baby Kenna cries! Are you looking for a hands-on babysitter, ABDL TLC, dress-up time, bedtime stories or spankings? Call Dani to babysit you! 


 888-791-1250 ext 21


Miss Dani Hypno Age Regresssion 888-791-1250 ext 21

March 22nd, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby - Sitting, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Age Regression, Mommy Dani | 0 Comments

Miss Dani hypno age regresssion 888-791-1250 ext 21

Babysitter Dani got a call for a babysitting job and when she showed up, she was a little shocked. She thought the Mommy had called her to babysit, so the hot Mommy could go out while Dani watched her Adult Baby. The wife told Dani her husband came from a family with money and money was the only reason she married him. She also told Dani that her husband was just a big baby and mama’s boy and it was about time he was turned into an Adult Baby cucky. She said there was no way she was going to ride his pinkie dick ever again, that from now on she was only going to have sex with well hung studs.

The wife told Dani she would be paying her extra because she needed Dani to hypnotize her husband, and age regress him into being an baby. She said even though her husband never grew up, he was very immature and spoiled and might be resistant to going all the way. But Dani said not to worry since she had a lot of experience with doing seductive hypnosis and age regression. The wife gave Dani a baby bottle filled with special baby formula: warm half and half with vanilla vodka! She told Dani to give it to her baby hubby as soon as she did the age regression hypno. She also gave Dani a baby outfit to put on her cucky baby hubby and other baby accessories like a bib and a baby name bracelet. She also gave Dani a butt plug and said to use it on her baby cucky hubby so that Dani wouldn’t have to worry about changing messy diapers. But if her cucky hubby offered Dani a lot of money so he could make dookie, then Dani could take out the butt plug and let the baby cucky make a mess in his Adult Diapers. 

Hot Babysitter Dani~Twisted Phone Sex~888-791-1250 ext 21

July 19th, 2010 | abdl phone sex, Cuckold Fantasy, young babysitter | 0 Comments

I’m a hot babysitter that gets off corrupting sweet innocent minds like yours. You know you want that,or maybe you have a twisted taboo fantasy for being my nasty daddy, perverted uncle or maybe mommy’s new boyfriend. Either way we both have twisted phone sex wants and needs. Call me I know just what you need and want because I have those same twisted thoughts and needs!

I’m open to anything and no subject is off limits. I have no taboos, in fact, the filthier the better. I want you to admit to your deepest, darkest taboo secret fantasys and then I want you to submit to them so we can explore all the ways we can push our limits during our hot chat together. 
Some of my favorite fantasies deal with forced sex encounters.Of course they are not willing at first, so they need to be shown what they are expected to do. The thrill of that alone will have you rock hard and aching to stroke your cock for me.
I have  so many sex fantasies we can play out together during a phone sex session, I love to explore my body while I explore your mind.So give me a call and see why they call me sweet sitter Dani.  
 Babysitter Dani
Sweet Sexy Babysitter Thats Loves to Be Hands On
888-791-1250- ext 21
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