Adult Baby Public Humiliation!

April 5th, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Humiliation, mommy phone sex | 0 Comments

Hi, I’m Pregnant Mommy Veronica and I get a kick out of making my Adult Babies experience embarrassing public humiliation and do public Adult Baby Diaper Lover humiliation assignments for me! One of my Adult Babies “Stinker” now has to carry a pink Juicy Couture Diaper Bag in public filled with adult diapers, a pacifier and other Adult Baby thingies.

Adult Baby Diaper Bag Public Humiliation

Stinker is also trying to quit smoking. Adult Babies should not be smoking! They need to direct their oral fixations elsewhere, like sucking on pacifiers or big milky titties. So every time he feels like having a cigarette, even in public, he has to suck on his pacifier for 5 minutes. If anyone asks, I told him he has to confess that his therapist advised him to suck on his pacifier to help him quit smoking. So, of course people have asked him about the pacifier and laughed at him when they hear why my Adult Baby is sucking on his ABDL pacifier nicknamed “passie”.

My Adult Baby Diaper Lover even has to go to sleep sucking on his “passie” wearing double “diapeys”. He also bought a lullaby music box, but was sad when it only played for a few minutes after he wound it up. So I told him to download lullaby music onto his mp3 player and fall asleep with the ear buds in his ears, lullabies playing. So now my Adult Baby can fall asleep so sweet.

Call me, Pregnant Mommy Veronica, if you want to have a Mommy who disciplines her adult babies when they need it or if you want to experience ABDL humiliation including public assignments!

ABDL Phone Sex Hypnosis*888-791-1250 ext 1

March 29th, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Mommy Kay, mommy phone sex | 0 Comments



“Mommy Kay, pretty please hypnotize me and make me be your Adult Baby!”   That was what my ABDL phone sex caller Baby Bry would call and beg me to do. After the end of every hypnosis phone sex call, when I brought him out of his ABDL hypno spell, he would thank me for deep trancing him and for the Adult Baby Diaper Lover playtime. He claimed that he just dabbled in Adult Baby fantasies and didn’t find being an Adult Baby to be overly compelling in his day to day life. But what Baby Bry didn’t realize is that when I was putting him under during our ABDL phone sex sessions, using the power of subconscious hypnosis techniques, I began implanting triggers and using subliminal mechanisms to tweak his ABDL fantasy into his new reality. I knew that with my hypnotic powers, soon Baby Bry would feel the urge to say bye bye to being a grown man and become my totally helpless Adult Baby.

Of course, Baby Bry called me and immediately began talking to me in baby talk instead of his adult man voice. “Mommy Kay, pwetty pweeze hypnotize me and make me be your liddle widdle Adult Baybee!” Of course I knew he wasn’t aware, but that he had been transformed into an Adult Baby and that there would be no going back. He told me he was wearing his diapers all the time now and couldn’t even fall asleep without wearing a pair of soft and cushy adult diapers and sucking on his pacifier too. Now, since he was a Adult Baby and Adult Babies should be giving their money to their Mommy and letting Mommy decide how much of an allowance they get to spend, I took Baby Bry to the next step, ABDL Financial Domination Hypnosis.

Mommy Kay-888-791-1250 ext 1

Miss Dani Hypno Age Regresssion 888-791-1250 ext 21

March 22nd, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby - Sitting, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Age Regression, Mommy Dani | 0 Comments

Miss Dani hypno age regresssion 888-791-1250 ext 21

Babysitter Dani got a call for a babysitting job and when she showed up, she was a little shocked. She thought the Mommy had called her to babysit, so the hot Mommy could go out while Dani watched her Adult Baby. The wife told Dani her husband came from a family with money and money was the only reason she married him. She also told Dani that her husband was just a big baby and mama’s boy and it was about time he was turned into an Adult Baby cucky. She said there was no way she was going to ride his pinkie dick ever again, that from now on she was only going to have sex with well hung studs.

The wife told Dani she would be paying her extra because she needed Dani to hypnotize her husband, and age regress him into being an baby. She said even though her husband never grew up, he was very immature and spoiled and might be resistant to going all the way. But Dani said not to worry since she had a lot of experience with doing seductive hypnosis and age regression. The wife gave Dani a baby bottle filled with special baby formula: warm half and half with vanilla vodka! She told Dani to give it to her baby hubby as soon as she did the age regression hypno. She also gave Dani a baby outfit to put on her cucky baby hubby and other baby accessories like a bib and a baby name bracelet. She also gave Dani a butt plug and said to use it on her baby cucky hubby so that Dani wouldn’t have to worry about changing messy diapers. But if her cucky hubby offered Dani a lot of money so he could make dookie, then Dani could take out the butt plug and let the baby cucky make a mess in his Adult Diapers. 

Age Regression with Mommy Kay

March 12th, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Age Regression, Mommy Kay, mommy phone sex | 0 Comments

Age regression phone sex is so relaxing when you let Mommy Kay take you on a magical trip back in time. No, silly boy, Mommy Kay doesn’t have a time machine, well maybe she does! Mommy Kay’s soothing voice is hypnotic as she regresses you back, back, back in time to when you were just a little boy or a little baby in diapers. An age regression phone sex call will be so special, something that you and Mommy Kay will share together. You know that psychotherapists often perform age regression to explore issues and draw out thoughts and feelings with their patients. Age regression taps into your subconscious mind, similar to hypnosis. Mommy Kay uses her age regression hypno skills for playtime between you and Mommy Kay. What do you need to do besides pick up the phone and call Mommy Kay for your age regression session? You need to let go and relinquish being a man or a grown up sissy and let Mommy Kay take control. Do you remember how much you loved your Mommy? Can you feel the warmth of that love and how Mommy took care of everything for you? Do you want to experience that warmth and love again? Or do you want to experience the fun of being dressed up as a baby sissy? Do you want to wear your baby diapers and and talk like a baby? Do you want to play in your nursery or playroom with Mommy Kay or have Mommy Kay feed you, nurse you, cuddle with you, take care of you? Or do you want to be a little more naughty? Mommy Kay is waiting for you to call her and let her take you back in time.

888-791-1250 ext 1

Another Free Phone Sex Call Winner!

March 12th, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Free Phone Sex, mommy phone sex | 0 Comments

Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Diaper Nurse is giving away Free Phone Sex Calls (10 minutes)!  Click on the link or on the Vote-a-Rama banner in the upper right corner of the sidebar on this page to read all the Free Phone Sex Call Rules.  You either have to Vote for Diaper Nurse on Phone Sex Central or Phone Sex Leaderboard or buy a membership or sex toy from one of our advertising affiliates.  This week we’re interviewing Baby Mikey about the memberships he purchased at some of our advertisers.  Mikey won a total of (2) 10 minute calls!  That’s because he’s a good obedient Adult Baby and joined and

DN:  So what made you want to join the ABDL sites we feature here on DiaperNurse?

Mikey:  I hadn’t heard of these sites before until I saw them on your ABDL Sites page.  I got so excited.  You see, every time I did a Google search for ABDL sites, it brought up porn sites.  It seems like stupid porn sites just buy keywords trying to take over Google searches.   So I visited the Adult Baby Diaper Lover websites and I was wowed by them.  I Need a Mommy features real Mommies in POV video clips, I felt like I was right there with them.  Diaper Loving Mommies features naughty and nice Mommies doing their Adult Babies with strap-ons, but also nursing and cuddling.  It got my baby clittie so excited, I had to join!

DN:  Were you also motivated to join by the Free Phone Sex Call Offer from DiaperNurse?

Mikey:  I probably would have joined anyway, but the free phone sex made it even better.  I emailed my receipts and I got to immediately call my favorite Diaper Nurse Mommies and play with them and tell them all about the ABDL sites I joined. I love DiaperNurse so much, the Phone Sex Mommies are the best and believe me, I’ve called the rest.  They just sound like they’re going thru the motions.  The DiaperNurse Mommies are very real and that’s why I keep cumming back for more!

Charlie Sheen is behaving like a spoiled Adult Baby**888 791 1250 ext 21

March 3rd, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby - Sitting, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Dirty Diaper Phone Sex, Dominating Discipline, Mommy Dani | 0 Comments

Charlie Sheen is behaving like a spoiled Adult Baby who gets everything he wants, just because he’s rich. Well Babysitter Dani knows what he really needs. He needs to have a big fat pacifier stuffed in his mouth the next time he goes to say something stupid or crazy, that pacifier will shut him up. Charlie is throwing adult toddler temper tantrums right in front of the news cameras! And who better than me, Babysitter Dani, to know how to deal with temper tantrums and childish misbehavior. I would give Charlie an OTK spanking till he started to cry and apologized for being such a spoiled Adult Baby brat. Then I would set the rules for how Charlie needed to behave.

Charlie has hired two hot young blonde porn stars to be his Goddesses, a/k/a, his Sober Living Goddesses who are supposed to keep him away from the naughty and nasty things we all know Charlie Sheen likes to indulge in. Charlie Sheen should have hired a real Babysitter with experience if he wanted a true Goddess instead of porn starlets who probably say yes yes yes to whatever Charlie wants because they know Charlie is signing the biggest, fattest paychecks they’ve ever seen. To me, Babysitter Dani, it’s not about the money. Well… it is about the money, meaning I wouldn’t babysit for free, but I would definitely show Charlie I wouldn’t approve of him disobeying my rules or making such a complete fool out of himself or jeopardizing his career with his nonsensical tantrums. Babysitter Dani doesn’t tolerate bad boy behavior from anyone and that includes you! So call me if you need to be disciplined by a strict “hands on” Babysitter! So give me a call @ 888-791-1250 ext 21 Miss Dani

Interview with a Free Phone Sex Call Winner!

February 25th, 2011 | abdl phone sex, Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, mommy phone sex | 0 Comments

Dirty_Diaper Boy is one of our Free Phone Sex Call Winners and voted for us at Phone Sex Central and Phone Sex Leaderboard. Diaper Boy suggested we interview him as he thought it might be interesting to other Adult Baby Diaper Lovers how he came to be an Adult Baby.

How did you become an Adult Baby Diaper Lover?

I always felt like I should be a baby. I guess I never grew up! I started dressing up in baby type outfits when I was in college, in secret, of course, and then I would masturbate. There weren’t any Adult Baby porn magazines I was aware of at that point. And I hadn’t found any websites on the internet which featured the ABDL niche. This was in the mid-90’s. I did find an ABDL Newsgroup and subscribed to that.

Did you start wearing Adult Diapers then?

I was more of an Adult Baby then. But reading the ABDL Newsgroup got me interested in the Adult Diaper experience. So I bought a box of Adult Diapers. I felt really humiliated and shamed. I was 21, in college, so why would I be buying a box of Adult Diapers at Walmart? Well the humiliation and shame was also very exciting. I couldn’t wait to put on my first Adult Diaper!

So you would say you are now an Adult Baby Diaper Lover?

Absolutely. I get extremely excited about putting on my Adult Diapers. It’s like a ritual I go through. Maybe something similar to foreplay. I love the entire experience.

What makes you think is special? You voted for us in the Free Phone Sex Call Contest!

I love calling the Mommies at I’ve found them to be very open-minded and really into being Mommies, not just pretending they’re into it. I think that’s the difference between and other Mommy Phone Sex sites. The other sites are just phone sex operators who are fulfilling a fetish niche, but it isn’t their passion. I get the feeling that at this is really the Mommies’ passion, to indulge Adult Baby Diaper Lovers.

Was Elvis an Adult Baby Diaper Lover

February 20th, 2011 | Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish | 0 Comments

Did Elvis Presley White Jumpsuit Hide Adult Diaper

Rumors in ABDL forums have floated around as to whether Elvis was an Adult Baby Diaper Lover or whether Elvis had a “going” problem and needed to wear an adult diaper to prevent embarrassing leaks. There are some who say his legendary white jumpsuits which he wore during most of his performances toward the end of his career were designed to camouflage that he was wearing an adult diaper, and not because he had gained weight and could no longer wear tight black pants or other signature attire he had worn in earlier years.

There will always be rumors about Elvis. There are rumors Elvis is still alive perpetuated to this day! So, we will probably never know if the ABDL rumors are 100% true. Let’s assume Elvis was into ABDL play, since some of his ex-lovers claimed he enjoyed wearing adult diapers and being pampered like a baby. So… did his ABDL fantasies arise from having to wear an adult diaper? Or did he always have ABDL fantasies and used incontinence as a plausible reason to wear adult diapers?

It wouldn’t be surprising if Elvis loved adult baby diaper play. Elvis was known as a mama’s boy. He truly was devoted to his loving mother Gladys. It’s also not unusual for men who have achieved fame, notoriety, power or wealth to seek out age regression or ABDL fantasies where they are not only rendered helpless, but also have all their needs taken care of by a sexy Mommy. The infantilism fantasy takes form in a need and desire to return to a simpler time when every little thing was taken care of by Mommy. There were no cares, no stress, no worries. Mommy took care of everything from diaper changes to feedings to playtime to naptime. Call one of the Mommies at Diapernurse to indulge your ABDL fantasies! Let Mommy take care of everything!

ABDL Cuckold Phone Sex*Miss Dani 888-791-1250 ext 21

February 14th, 2011 | Cuckold Fantasy, Mommy Dani, Plushies phone sex | 0 Comments

I decided to teach my cuckold a lesson.  He confessed he’d been jerking off to my photos every day,  while fantasizing about having sex with me!  How dare he!  I’d never let my small pee cuckold fuck me!  I only fuck men with big cocks, not little weewees.  Since my cuckold is useless as a man, I decided to turn him into a baby.  His body should fit his baby dick, right?  So I transformed him into a baby and dressed him a cute little baby girl outfit, light pink coveralls over his diaper and a little white shirt with tiny pink teddy bears on it. 

Then I told my cuckold baby he wouldn’t be able to touch his little peepee anymore, that’s why I dressed him in coveralls!  Ha!  There was no way he could unsnap them!   So he started to cry and I stuck a pacifier in his mouth to keep him quiet.  I told him he would be forced to watch me have sex with one of my fuck studs….while he was in his baby crib!  I put his baby crib in the corner of my bedroom, with his favorite plushies to play with.   

I heard my stud boyfriend knock at the door, and went to answer it, dressed in sexy lingerie that my cuckold baby paid for on his Victoria’s Secret credit card, so humiliating!   My fuck stud thought I was babysitting as usual and we didn’t pay any attention to the little cuckold baby.  But when my hung lover and I were fucking, I peeked over a few times and saw the horny cuckold baby looking so sad.  Then I spied him humping one of his stuffed animals, he was really humping, my little cuckold baby was so horny since he couldn’t touch his weewee while my fuck stud and I were doing it.  So little cuckold baby did one of his plushies in his crib and made a sticky mess in his adult baby diaper.  Now I make him hump stuffed animals all the time!  My little cuckold baby will ever be allowed to touch his peepee again!     


888-791-1250 ext 21

Octomom’s ABDL Fetish Video is Here!

January 28th, 2011 | Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish, Mommy Punishment | 0 Comments

I just had to blog again about Nadya Suleman a/k/a OctoMom… or as I call her OctoDom!  Have you seen her hot Adult Baby Diaper Lover fetish video?  It’s completely free to watch on youtube:

Mommy Nadya punishes her adult baby diaper lover by whipping him in the playroom, well, the bad baby deserved it, he was throwing a temper tantrum!   And her cute baby boy even begs to be whipped on his bare bottom, by pulling down his diaper and pointing to his naked butt!   But sexy Mommy Nadya knows when it’s time to show her adult baby some TLC after he’s been punished, so after his Mommy punishment whipping, she cuddles with her adult baby and gives him his baby bottle. Then it’s time to tuck baby in for his nap.  OctoMom is dressed as a slutty, sexy MILF in a low-cut tight corset, skin-tight black leggings and ultra high heels, I know you can’t resist a kinky Mommy, can you…

Let’s hope since OctoMom made this ABDL fetish video, which has been featured on the news and talked about in forums on the internet, that this will mean more people will be aware of the ABDL fetish that two people, Mommy and her adult baby, can enjoy together.  Even Elvis, yes Elvis, was an adult baby.  But I’ll have to save that for another blog post…

Since you’ve gotten so turned on watching the Octomom ABDL video, it’s time to call one of the sexy Mommies here on!

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