Adult Baby Public Humiliation!

Hi, I’m Pregnant Mommy Veronica and I get a kick out of making my Adult Babies experience embarrassing public humiliation and do public Adult Baby Diaper Lover humiliation assignments for me! One of my Adult Babies “Stinker” now has to carry a pink Juicy Couture Diaper Bag in public filled with adult diapers, a pacifier and other Adult Baby thingies.

Adult Baby Diaper Bag Public Humiliation

Stinker is also trying to quit smoking. Adult Babies should not be smoking! They need to direct their oral fixations elsewhere, like sucking on pacifiers or big milky titties. So every time he feels like having a cigarette, even in public, he has to suck on his pacifier for 5 minutes. If anyone asks, I told him he has to confess that his therapist advised him to suck on his pacifier to help him quit smoking. So, of course people have asked him about the pacifier and laughed at him when they hear why my Adult Baby is sucking on his ABDL pacifier nicknamed “passie”.

My Adult Baby Diaper Lover even has to go to sleep sucking on his “passie” wearing double “diapeys”. He also bought a lullaby music box, but was sad when it only played for a few minutes after he wound it up. So I told him to download lullaby music onto his mp3 player and fall asleep with the ear buds in his ears, lullabies playing. So now my Adult Baby can fall asleep so sweet.

Call me, Pregnant Mommy Veronica, if you want to have a Mommy who disciplines her adult babies when they need it or if you want to experience ABDL humiliation including public assignments!

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